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The HM3 is one of the most iconic designs in Breitling Replica Watches's horological machine archives. The HM3 is a horological machine that has two hemispherical eyes, which display the hours and minutes. It also features a wide grinning mouth, which allows enough space for the rotor.

Breitling Replica Watches, his friends and the original HM3 were only four years into their journey when they launched it in 2009. Jean-Marc Wiederrecht was one of the key 'friends,' who played a crucial role in the creation of this masterpiece.Replica Breitling Watches He had the difficult (but rewarding) task of Breitling Replica Watches's and Eric Giroud's creative vision to life. The HM3 was given a zoomorphic makeover in 2010, with the first version of the HM3 Frog'.


{The original HM3 was introduced in 2009 in 2 versions: the Starcruiser (cones in line with arm) and the Sidewinder (cones perpendicular to arm); both versions were produced in 18k white gold/titanium or 18k red gold/titanium|The original HM3 came out in 2009 with two versions: Starcruiser and Sidewinder. Both versions were made in 18k white/titanium, or 18k red/titanium.}


The HM3 Frog, introduced in 2010, is available in three different variations: the HM3 Frog Ti with Grade 5 titanium screws and case; the HM3 Poison Dart Frog with black PVD zirconium and 18k yellow-gold screws in a limited edition 10 pieces.

The HM3 Frog has been around for ten years and has seen many variations. To mark this occasion, Breitling Replica Watches created the limited edition Frog X. The Frog X will be released in 30 pieces,panerai replica each of which is 10 pieces, and comes in three colors (blues, purples, and turquoises).

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